Sarah Gail

Sarah Gail offers Spiritual Advice on Career, Money, Family, Love, Health, Business and almost any subject. She will give you predictive indicators and spiritual fulfillment from profound insights. Her ability is endless and guarantees you will not only gain clarity but also improve your life with her work.*



At a pre-arranged time, you will have an in-depth reading by Sarah. No messing around. Sarah will get down to the core of your concerns with a polite but direct approach. She will provide you with insights, guidance and recommendations as well as her unique inspiration. You’ll feel refreshed, relieved and better focused. You may choose between mediumship (connecting with loved ones on the other side), a psychic reading (answering questions) or a combination of both. Without a doubt, this will be the most in-depth and emotionally releasing reading you will ever have in your lifetime.*


Psychic Sarah has been conducting psychic readings for over 35 years, and is licensed and bonded since 1973. She has a tested 95% success rate from the Berkeley California Psychic Institute.




My goal is twofold: (1) To demonstrate that love never dies, and (2) To make you wealthy in spirit and personal abundance. 

If you are seeking spiritual development from enjoying life to the fullest, connecting with your spirit guides and/or generally wanting to be MORE, do MORE and have MORE, you are going to love my readings. That's because spirits have given me the gift of knowing and understanding things in other peoples lives.

Whether my psychic readings be through my tarot cards, my astrology consultations or my phenomenal love spells, you'll be inspired to be MORE, do MORE and have MORE.


From Sarah Gail