Sarah Gail

Energy Readings • Chakra Balancing • Spiritual Healing


There are times in life when you just don’t understand why certain things seem to happen.

Do you always seem to get the short end of the stick? Do you feel like you have a dark cloud following you? Do you often sit and wonder why you are in the position you are in? Why don’t you have that promotion or why you can’t seem to hold down a job? Are you searching for your soul mate and coming up empty? Are you miserable about a breakup? Do you want more out of your life?

If this is you and you are looking for help, then I am glad that you have found me. I offer a high quality and personal service unlike any other. I am Master Psychic Sarah Gail and I will give you the attention that you desire and the service that you’ll come to expect and enjoy but most importantly I will bring you results. I am knowledgeable beyond belief and will make you feel safe and at home during your time with me. I will answer all your questions and improve the quality of your life.*